Georgia State University students want to make sure their voices are heard in this year’s presidential election but some think their vote will not matter.

Many students are eased with the candidates for this year’s election on Nov. 8. Whether they think the candidates are extremes, the country will not be represented well, or their votes won’t count they want to try to have an impact in some way. Therefore, when the time comes they are all heading to vote.


Cherilyn Munoz, a Latino first time voter and sophomore at Georgia State, says she is voting for Green Party candidate Jill Stein because the main parties including Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are two extremes.

“Trump talks bad about my culture and my people and it makes me mad. I feel as if it is dividing us up in my culture. It’s opening up things that we did not know we had between each other in the Latino community,” says Munoz.

In regards to Munoz’s opposition of statements from the Republican party candidate, another Georgia State student agrees but is not voting for Stein.


Wolfgang Boehm voted in the 2012 presidential election and says he is ashamed of this year’s election especially for the Republican party, which is why he voting for Hillary Clinton.

“I don’t want this country represented like that abroad, and domestically it would be a fiasco if the Republican party won the election,” says Boehm.

Other Georgia State students are voting for Clinton but for different reasons.

Letam Nsain, voting for the first time in a presidential election and a sophomore at Georgia State, says he does not have any great feelings about this year’s election because the three candidates he knows of he is at unpleased with.

“It’s obviously disappointing and I don’t know what to do but I’m still going to vote. It’s not going to be a step forward but you have to pick your poison,” says Nsain.

An additional student at Georgia State is not voting for Clinton because of reasons indifferent from others but to primarily stress her right to be able to vote.


Cynthia Bolling, a first time voter and senior at Georgia State, says she is unsure of who to vote for, but she knows it will be a third party candidate, possibly Jill Stein.

“The election gives me a choice to choose who is going to run the country but it probably doesn’t really matter. We have no hope but we’re going to try.” says Bolling.

These students may have some reluctance of voting this year but they know which candidate they plan to vote for. With Georgia State being in Atlanta, supporters of Donald Trump are scarce leaving many Clinton and Stein supporters.


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